Intermediate Yoga Class


Our class sequence includes a wide variety of poses for building strength and improving flexibility. We do have a range of levels which suit every individual’s practice.

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Advanced booking is necessary before going for class!

Check out class timetable here.


You’ve been taking the yoga basics class for several months, and you know your way around Downward-Facing Dog and Tree Pose.  There’s a lot to be said about what we encounter in the process of practicing advanced postures – On this level, you are more comfortable and open to the infinite possibilities on your mat, and you don’t even blink when the teacher says the class is going to try something new.


Explore yoga poses to alleviate what ails you—from anxiety to headaches, insomnia and more to find your center anytime.
– Big Toe Pose [Padangusthasana]
– Bound Angle Pose [Baddha Konasana]
– Bow Pose [Dhanurasana]
– Bridge Pose [Setu Bandha Sarvangasana]
– Camel Pose [Ustrasana]
– Cat Pose [Marjaryasana]
– Channel Cleaning Breath [Nadi Shodhana Pranayama]
– Cow Pose [Bitilasana]
– Easy Pose [Sukhasana]
– Extended Puppy Pose [Uttana Shishosana]
– Extended Triangle Pose [Utthita Trikonasana]
– Fish Pose [Matsyasana]
– Half Moon Pose [Ardha Chandrasana]
– Head-to-Knee Forward Bend [Janu Sirsasana]
– Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose [Viparita Karani]
– Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose [Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana]
– Salutation Seal [Anjali Mudra]
– Seated Forward Bend [Paschimottanasana]
– Staff Pose [Dandasana]
– Standing Forward Bend [Uttanasana]
– Upward Salute [Urdhva Hastasana]

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